Appreciate the beauty, elaborating with meticulousness and intimate complicity with nature

Passion for the authentic

In these times, when it seems that we only care about appearance, we would like to assert the importance of the authentic, and the quest for essential, timeless values.

A thorough knowledge of our profession and a love for a job well done reaches places where technology cannot.

At Mobalco, experts carefully select each piece to obtain the best possible combination. Their lengthy experience and sensitivity reach where the machine cannot.

Wood, transmits like no other the authenticity of the material.

We treat wood as a living being that must be protected without adulterating its essence.

The application of the coating is done layer by layer, with a careful sanding between layers so as not to lose the authenticity of the material. The result is a finish that transmits refinement without altering its qualities.

What is precesion?

7 grams of coffe, the machine at 9 atmospheres, water at 90 degrees, precisely 29 seconds…that´s precision.

The key to making a great cup of coffe.

Functional elegance

Beauty is always in the details.

Precision in the details has become a genuine obsession for us.

The varnishes and lacquers used by Mobalco are of extraordinary surface hardness, resistant to abrasion and yellowing by light.

They are coatings with a very low environmental impact, 100% free from isocyanates and formaldehyde.

The metallic finishes applied by an exclusive process, developed by Mobalco, with the addition of metal particles, provide a spectacular result.

All of the edges are carefully polished by hand to obtain a perfect finish.

Linseed oil eLinseed oil is the most natural coating for the protection of wooden surfaces, ideal for working areas such as chopping and kneading boards.

The coating with linseed oil is not altered by temperature, is absorbed by the wood, and integrates to form a part of it.

It adapts much better to environmental humidity and helps the wood to maintain its own humidity.

Linseed oil requires maintenance every so often to keep its properties intact.

Stainless steel is an ideal material for the kitchen. It is hygienic and antibacterial.

Mobalco fronts in stainless steel are carefully finished on both sides, with internal reinforcements strategically placed to obtain maximum strength in the fixtures. The edges machined by high precision technology are checked and polished manually to eliminate any imperfections.

It is the green material par excellence, and is close to 100% recyclable. More than 60% of the steel currently in use comes from recycled steel.

The furniture body

A solid structure made of high-density, moisture-resistant board.

Body in water-repellent 19 mm board glued with PUR glue

The body of the module manufactured entirely in water-repellent high-density 19mm thick, is designed to withstand heavy loads with minimum buckling of the shelves.

The perimeter edging, even on the invisible edges, uses PUR adhesive.

Bonding with PUR adhesive, derived from the naval industry, is the most resistant to heat and humidity.

Heavyweight melamine coating with high resistance to moisture penetration.


Titanium-coated steel hinges pass the most demanding laboratory tests with salt spray.

Stainless steel drawers and pan drawers

Mobalco drawers and pan drawers are made of stainless steel sheet with a fingerprint-proof finish.

They stand out for their smooth, precise sliding mechanism that incorporates an adaptive damping system depending on the load.

Exclusive design with a straight wall only 12 mm. thick.

The synchronization of the guides and the roller rails provides an ultralight glide.

The pan drawers with raised sides prevent their contents falling out or becoming jammed.

The large dynamic load capacity, up to 80 kg. prevents pitching, even at maximum load. The system of frontal fixation, with double fixing points, provides major stability when opening.

The plate holder

The plate holder, made of marine board with a Nanotech aluminum coating and wood details, helps to organize plates and dishes.

The mat

The exclusive rubber feel anti-slip mat is made of high-density polymers (HDPE), 100% PVC-free and easy to recycle.

Inner beauty

The interior accessories have been designed by Mobalco to be as practical as they are beautiful.

They are the ideal accessory to ensure perfect organization.

42 cm tall pan drawer

The module with a low 42 cm pan drawer provides space for bottles and decanters that would not otherwise fit in a normal drawer.

Extra capacity waste bins

At Mobalco we use high quality 26 litre waste bins to optimize waste management. The bins have handles for easy transportation. The specially designed covers seal their contents to prevent the spread of unpleasant odors, and include a carbon filter.

Fronts with folding doors

The folding doors make it possible to completely cover the fronts, in order to work more comfortably.

The appliances and all the contents of the cabinets remain visible.

Bespoke elements

Our bespoke construction program offers the possibility to customize the finishes of the furniture body.

The personalized finishes varnished to match, or combined with the front, make your Mobalco kitchen a unique and exclusive product, taking special care down to the smallest detail.