Feed your soul

Feed your soul

The soul, the life force, the essence of people, the seat of desires and feelings, that which forges our identity

We worry a great deal about feeding our bodies, but little about feeding our soul.

Feed your soul

At Mobalco we design holistic, vital kitchens, in tune with people who have dedicated their lives to improving our world and enriching our soul.

Small is beatiful

Passion, sensitivity, satisfaction for things well done. The essence of Mobalco is based on firmly-rooted principles

A thorough knowledge of our craft and artisanal skills complete the work from the point where technology can go no further.

Instead of seeking purely economic objectives, we support the honesty of a job well done.

Nature, the soul of Mobalco

Small is beautiful

Our commitment to the environment encourages us to strive towards achieving a clean production process, and disposing of materials that are highly damaging to the environment.

“Talking about the future only makes sense if it makes us act now”

Ernst Friedrich Schumacher

“Small is Beautiful” is the title of one of the most influential books of the 20th century.

Written by the german economist Ernst Friedrich Schumacher, its author is committed to a friendly technology with a human face.

Passion for the authentic

In these times, when it seems that we only care about appearance, we would like to assert the importance of the authentic, and the quest for essential, timeless values.

The human factor

A thorough knowledge of our profession and a love for a job well done reaches places where technology cannot.

“There are things that neither seem nor are.

There are things that seem and are not.

There are things that do not seem and are.

There are things that seem and are.” 



He taught us that the human being should focus on what he can control and forget what he can not control. He had a great influence on Cognitive Psychology.

For philosophy is “a means to learn to live according to nature.”

Akira Miyawaki,

pioneer of urban forests.

“Using local materials, in a space equivalent to 6 parking spaces it is possible to create a small wild forest of 300 trees”.

Akira Miyawaki

The Miyawaki method begins by selecting native species and planting by mixing varieties of very concentrated sizes so that they grow together, the roots of some trees intertwining with others, and in two years they become so dense that they block the sun’s rays, keeping area cool. In one decade you get the equivalent of 100 years of growth.

The Timber

Environments with wood make us feel alive, and create a warm, welcoming feeling.
Psychologists say that wood produces positive stimuli on the subconscious.