Mobalco life

Natural alchemy, the likeness of making and savoring

Feed your soul

Listening to the harmonies of nature tempers us, calms and relaxes us.

We have forgotten how to listen to her, how to feel her.

From ancient shamanic or animistic cultures to Chinese Taoism, all are based on communion with nature.

We perceive the beating of your heart.

Alexis Racionero

The Orgavital, an offering to your well-being

We want you to be an ally in your kitchen. Because it is a place of your own where you can prepare your food with care and simplicity. Recreate and nourish yourself at the same time, in a peaceful environment.

The cereal mill

Even today, many African peoples crush grain at the end of the day to make their own bread. Bread is a complete food if we make it with a quality flour that contains all the nutrients.

The cereal grinder provides us with flour just when it needs to be used, with all the nutrition of its germ and the husk, which contains essential minerals.

Bread, the food par excellence

Because we want to recover the food that has accompanied in its transit to humanity, sustenance the body and the soul.

Thousands of heirs of a tradition, of a vocation that was trade union, now we have to “bake the Memory” and recover this culinary art, that of making bread at home. A mystical and energetic pleasure.

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“Good bread should become the symbol of our society.”

Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar, the pilgrim of peace.

Satish was a Yaina monk and was the driving force of the March for Peace, walking more than 12,000 km without money. Today he is the editor of Resurgence & Ecologist.

For him, nature must be the priority in all debates on politics and society.

The blender

The most common blenders available on the market work by centrifugation. For the best results, we recommend cold pressure blenders. They are ideal for extracting juice from vegetables or sprouted grains, and do not produce oxidation of nutrients.

The germinator, harvesting health.

The garden of seeds. So that you appreciate the emergence of vital beauty. A daily habit, beautiful and healthy.

We are convinced that if the enormous potential of sprouted seeds was more widely promoted, few people would do without them. After germination, seeds multiply by 10 their content in vitamins A, B, C or E and their mineral and enzymatic richness.

There is no better vitamin supplement than sprouting germinated seeds in our own home from biological seeds with purified water.

Medicinal plants.

Medicinal plants have existed alongside us from time immemorial.

Prepared as infusions or decoctions, they are a source of health.

Infusions and Decoctions.

Infusion consists of adding the plant to boiling water, removing it and letting it stand for a few minutes with a cover over the cup or container.

Decoction consists of adding the plant and letting it simmer for a few minutes, removing it and leaving it to stand with the container covered.

As a general rule, flowers are very delicate and are prepared as an infusion, while roots need decoction in order to extract all their properties.


Traditionally, the name referred to exotic products from the East. Le Thresor de Santé (1607) says that spices not only have culinary uses, but also have health-giving properties.

Aldebrandin of Siena writes in his Body Regime (1256) that cinnamon and cloves comfort the liver and stomach, pepper cures chills, cloves help the eyes and the heart, and their oil is excellent for toothache.

Aromatic herbs.

Aromatic herbs are essential in the kitchen.

The open module with special lighting allows us to have them always on hand, ready to use.

The importance of small contributions.

The quest for essential,

MOBALCO is a way of understanding a vocation that has been professionalized and specialized in creating kitchen furniture as a unique and personal way of seeing and feeling life.

The grinder

The grinder is an essential element for waste disposal.

It is safe and ecological, providing we limit its use for organic waste.

Your water consumption is greatly reduced.

The grinder eliminates the need for a container for organic waste, gaining space in the kitchen, eliminates odors and the need to frequently deposit waste in the container.

Industrial treatment plants treat the waste without any type of limitation.