Connect with the natural

Nature is Mobalco´s spirit and inspiration.

We want to contribute to making feasible a way of life that is sustainable, aware and responsible. Being very caring of natural resources is what matters.


We seek the essence and the simplification of materials, not only with the aim that they offer the maximum performance during their life cycle, but also in their recycling or re-use once it is over.

“The construction materials are extracted from nature and will return to it again”

Frank Lloid Wright

Frank Lloid Wright was a visionary, capable of seeing and imagining what no one else had been able to see before.

His ‘Organic’ architecture was the first to consider concepts such as sustainability or energy use.

Perhaps because of his Celtic origins – his grandfather had come from Wales to form a community in Wisconsin – Wright retained all the strength and spirituality of his Druid ancestry.

The Revolution is Circular

Conscious as we are of metamorphosis and of endless natural cycles, we stand by their teaching, their message, and we are COMMITTED TO RESPONSIBLE RENEWAL in harmony with the principle of eternal return.


Approaching a 100% recycling ability

Without any doubt, this is Mobalco’s most ambitious project. It was developed jointly with CIS Madera, the University of Santiago and the Institute of Science and Technology at Barcelona’s Autonomous University. It represents the final step whereby a recycling ability of 100% is almost reached. We stand firm in our responsiblity, awareness and involvement. Our commitment is unalterable.

Environmental respect and commitment.

Our attitude to the protection of the environment is passionate and unswerving.


At Mobalco we use woods that come exclusively from controlled logging in sustainably managed forests, basically from the European Union, Canada and the USA, acquired as thick planks.

We actively seek collaboration with suppliers to obtain the best quality at source, respecting the cutting season and achieving the best results in terms of duration and resistance to attack by harmful organisms.

Chemical products

Synthetic chemicals are essential in certain processes used in the modern-day industry, sometimes incorporating components that are hazardous to nature and human beings.

At Mobalco we make every effort to ensure the minimum effect on the environment.

We have been pioneers in the use of board with CARB2 and EPA certification of low emission of formaldehyde and in the acquisition of special high-tech equipment that allows us to use varnishes and high-purity finishing products that do not contain solvents or volatile products that can be harmful to human health and the environment.

“There are people who are dreaming to escape from reality: we dream to create a new reality.”

Gunter Pauli

Gunter Pauli, author of The Blue Economy.

He was the promoter of “Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives” in Tokyo and investigated the production through industrial systems that nature uses and which can be beneficial for the environment.

In the book he explains more than 100 innovations that can be made use of by the animals and plants in our environment.

The EFQM model of excellence.

We started using the EFQM Model of Excellence in Mobalco in 1996. This model enables us to study not only the parameters concerning the quality of a product, but also the interaction of the firm with its surroundings, its environmental impact, its social value, human resources policies, etc…

Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint is an indicator of how much CO2 is needed to manufacture and transport a product.

Thanks to her, The carbon footprint calculates the balance of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in terms of the amount of CO2-equivalent (carbon
footprint) associated with the manufacturing of a product, from raw materials to waste treatment.

Materials and their origin

Oak, beech, other woods: 70%. Origin: France, Croatia

Cherry, hard maple, other woods: 25%. Origin: USA, Canada

Mongoy wood: 5%. Origin: Ghana

Tableros MDF, contrachapados, aglomerados: 100%.
Procedencia España

MDF, plywood, particle board: 100%. Origin: Spain

High pressure laminates and layered materials: 100%. Origin: Spain

Special laminated 100%. Origin: Italy

Fittings: 80%. Origin: Germany, 20%. Origin: Italy

Steel: 100%. Origin: Spain (Algeciras)

Glass: 100%. Origin: Spain (Alicante)

Surface coating products: 60%. Origin: Italy,
20%. Origin: Germany, 20%. Origin: Spain