Food par excellence

Bread today contains more chemistry than nutrition and flavor.

The quality of bread has deteriorated greatly in recent years.

Our bread is hard and sterile, devoid of any form of life, for which we pay a high price in terms of health and the environment.

If we ate good fresh and healthy bread, baked locally by hand or homemade, the heart disease rate would drop, the government would not have to set such high taxes to pay huge amounts of money on medicines and hospitals, there would be less depression and greater joy of living, less traffic on the roads and cleaner air to breathe.

To start this revolution, perhaps we could start a campaign for authentic bread, with the slogan “return the artisan bakery”, schools would be a good place to start, you can not offer a good education with a bad bread, let each school teach children the art and science of making bread, that school food is based on good bread.

Making bread is not a waste of time, it is the basis of a good education.

Mahatma Gandhi made the act of spinning a challenge towards oppressive colonialism.

The spinning wheel became a symbol of the independence movement.

Good bread should become the symbol of our society.

Bread made from organic flour, ground to stone, should be easily found in the neighborhood bakery.

White flour that is discolored with dioxide is toxic, if we want to recover the physical and mental health of the country we must start with good bread, when we are careful with the quality of bread, we will be careful with the quality of food.

When we are careful with food we will be careful with the quality of life in general.

The quality of bread is too important to be left to the manufacturers.

Making your own bread or buying it from an artisanal bakery, are the two options towards individual and local community autonomy, is to recover our basic right to good bread.

A healthy loaf is a birthright.