Tune into the natural

We want to contribute to making feasible a way of life that is sustainable, aware and responsible. BEING VERY CARING OF NATURAL RESOURCES IS WHAT MATTERS.


Conscious as we are of metamorphosis and of endless natural cycles, we stand by their teaching, their message, and we are COMMITTED TO RESPONSIBLE RENEWAL in harmony with the principle of eternal return.


Approaching a 100% recycling ability

Without any doubt, this is Mobalco’s most ambitious project. It was developed jointly with CIS Madera, the University of Santiago and the Institute of Science and Technology at Barcelona’s Autonomous University. It represents the final step whereby a recycling ability of 100% is almost reached. We stand firm in our responsiblity, awareness and involvement. OUR COMMITMENT IS UNALTERABLE.


Environmental respect and commitment

Our attitude to the protection of the environment is passionate and unswerving.


The Carbon Footprint, which is the culmination of a process started by Mabalco, serves as a means to move towards a more sustainable world and give consumers the possibility to choose healthier and more natural products.

Through its use, we can evaluate the effects of Greenhouse Gases associated with the manufacture of a product from the raw material stage to the treatment of waste materials.


We started using the EFQM Model of Excellence in Mobalco in 1996. This model enables us to study not only the parameters concerning the quality of a product, but also the interaction of the firm with its surroundings, its environmental impact, its social value, human resources policies, etc…

Wood oak, beech, other: 70%. Origin France, Croatia
Wood cherry, hard maple, other: 25%. Origin USA, Canada
Wood mongoy: 5%. Origin: Ghana
MDF, plywood, particle board: 100%. Origin Spain
High pressure laminates and extratified 100%. Origin Spain
Special laminated 100%. Origin Italy
Fittings: 80%. Origin Germany, 20%. Origin Italy
Steel: 100%. Origin Spain (Algeciras)
Glass: 100%. Origin Spain (Alicante)
Surface coating products: 60%. Origin Italy, 20%. Origin Germany, 20%. Origin Spain