SICI 2022 – A retrospective look at the event

SICI kitchen space, an event focused on the sector.

If the event held in Valencia this past September stands out for something, it is because of its focus on kitchens. By targeting a specific sector, Feria Valencia and the Asociación de Mobiliario de Cocinas (AMC), organizers of the event, manage to be less general and prepare a more complete agenda that addresses the issue from different areas.

In addition to exhibitions, we have been able to enjoy different conferences, colloquiums, and debate days, which went beyond the design of furniture and rooms: concepts such as creating emotions, sustainability or lifestyles.

For our part and intending to transmit our brand values, we have decided to exhibit two of our most representative models. Our Nature kitchen debuts with a more veteran visitor: our Orgánica model. Our presentation revolves around nature as an ally and wood understood as a living material.

We're waiting for the next edition with a good taste in our mouths!

You can see some photos of our exhibition on LinkedIn: @mobalco

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