Kitchens of the future: this is how we believe they wil

Kitchen concept by Mobalco

“Scenarios for the near future” was the exhibition's name, which was the final touch of the activities organized for the World Design Capital Valencia 2022. Overly 30 architects, designers, and firms have contributed different pieces to shape this exhibition.

The  project's name perfectly defines the aim: to clarify how the future kitchen spaces will be. In collaboration with the Asociación de Mobiliairio de Cocina (AMC), we have presented Orixe, a kitchen concept that revolves around self-sufficiency and care for the environment.

The context of recent years has created new forms of socialization, new ways of working have appeared and the priorities in people's habits have changed. It has directly affected homes, which have adapted to the new ways of living. The function of spaces in houses has been blurred, and as far as kitchens are concerned, they have become a leisure environment.

The new trends in food and sustainability have also changed storage needs. Trends such as zero-waste, or new food trends have changed the products we consume. Added to this is a search for more functional elements that reduce the time we spend tidying up at home. Some of the many examples that we can give of this are the use of aesthetic objects of habitual use that we can keep in sight or the integration of the elements in our home to achieve spaces with little visual noise that gives a greater sense of cleanliness.

Many of these ideas have already been present in our ideology for years and also in our concept. Hydroponic crops, composting of organic waste, storage of visible bulk products, circular waste management and treatment of gray water for irrigation are integrated into the furniture. Furniture that is designed to adapt to all situations of use and leisure.

If these brushstrokes of the project are still not enough for you, you can visit our social networks to find out more about it: @mobalco.

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